Our Child Is Home, Now What?

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How to un-spoil a child

Our Shelter Care homes are temporary Campus Care homes for children whose families are in crisis. We have Shelter Care homes on the Decatur and Oxford campuses. We have foster families statewide, all of whom live at most, within a one-hour drive from one of our regional offices.

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This is for children from birth to age Get in Touch. Sign-up now to get resource and event updates! Close this module.

Our Children's House

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And while Kopila Valley has grown a lot over the years, this home will always be where the heart is. When Maggie Doyne arrived in Surkhet , Nepal was just coming out of a long civil war.

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A conflict that forced many families from their homes — and left many children on the streets. Without enough food in their bellies or enough money to attend school. Many are forced to work hard labor, breaking and carrying stones or sifting through garbage, to earn the 25 cents that gets them from one day to the next. This is the harsh reality many still face, even years after the war.

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For the children of Kopila Valley, our home provides a different reality. One that is still filled with hardships, but also filled with comfort, compassion and community. Like any other house and any other family, we are brothers and sisters, mother and children.

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  4. Kopila is currently home to over 50 beautiful, happy and thriving children. Our children range in age and are under the care and guardianship of Maggie, Kopila Valley and a loving team of aunties and uncles.