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A stretched touch from Longlet was all that stopped the midfielder slamming the ball home from six yards within 50 seconds of kick-off.


Liverpool players constantly moved to create overloads on either side of Barcelona's midfield. Although a , below you can see or rather, you can't! The ball is left of centre, which means the left-sided central midfielder, James Milner, needs to shift over to the wing to get outside Arturo Vidal.

Block N Load - Learning the game! (Kreepy The Klown OP Traps!)

As soon as Van Dijk passes to Robertson, Milner moves. M ilner and Robertson are in the same vertical space, Messi doesn't defend the right wing anymore, Robertson has space and an option to shift the ball forward. F urther ahead, Mane is running to the left wing to further complicate matters, giving Liverpool a three vs two down that lane.

If Sergi Roberto at right-back pulls out to follow Mane, he leaves space for Origi to attack the box. Barcelona are outnumbered. H owever, Liverpool are playing sensibly and so when the chance doesn't open up, they pass it back to retain possession before shifting over to the other side. N ow Alexander-Arnold is in the right midfield role which means Jordan Henderson must operate as right-back to create that same overload.

B arcelona shift across, Liverpool have two players in the wing space and two in the right half-space, creating clear passing lanes to ping one-touch passes forward.

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I n this example, again Liverpool go backwards, not risking losing possession at halfway and giving Messi and Suarez a chance to run at the two centre-backs. L iverpool attacked in a sort of L shape, with the front three supplemented by a wide player joining the attack to block any low pass through the lines, effectively trapping Barcelona in their own half. This same switching of positions was evident in Liverpool's risky high press, something they kept up for most of the 90 minutes played. By closing down Barcelona players as a team, Liverpool could force a mistake or clearance and prevent them playing out from the back.

O rigi pressed the central player on the ball, everyone else stayed either tight to or 10 yards from the likely recipient of the next pass. T he few times Barcelona beat the press they ended up passing the ball out for a throw at half-way.

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Even the centre-backs were at it. The reason Liverpool stand a few yards off their man is to encourage the pass to be made there - it's a trap. L iverpool's forward three stay up the pitch as Barcelona try to break, Matip has the ball and launches a pass out to the right wing outside the widest Barca player. H enderson is ahead of the ball and will follow it in. W ith a picture in his mind, Alba knows he should be safe to pass backwards to Busquets or the centre-backs. Mane stands so still that Busquets won't even have registered what's about to happen to warn Alba.

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T he ball reaches Alba's head and the trap is sprung. M ane sprints between all three players to the most likely destination of the header and controls it mid-air. T ook turns on the press by the end of the half. Milner did Henderson's work. S ince Mane is wide right, someone needs to take the central striker position and Henderson rushes to get the other side of Busquets to receive a pass and continue into the box.

Henderson digs the ball out from under his feet and turns the centre-back, which draws Roberto away from Origi.

B efore the game it felt like if Liverpool could go in at halftime at they'd have a real chance. As the team shifted up the pitch in that narrow , Van Dijk or Matip would hit a long pass out to the wing on the opposite side of the one Barcelona were defending. Here's Van Dijk aiming for the left wing in the 10th minute. A nd seconds later switching out to the right wing.

Liverpool create space wide for these passes by playing these passes in the first place. I f Messi got close on the right, Robertson stayed near Van Dijk with Milner shifting out to the wing, while on the opposite side Alexander-Arnold pushed up to gain that overload. L iverpool then followed up the long pass as a unit, rushing and biting at any Barcelona player able to control the ball and winning turnovers high up the pitch.

By keeping players close together they were able to suffocate their opponents.

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B arcelona grew into the game as Liverpool wisely turned the volume down for some time. Half-time couldn't have come at any better a period in the match. I f the game kicked-off at a frantic pace, the second-half was even better. Van Dijk launched a pass out to the right wing, Shaqiri took it down, Liverpool had Barcelona on the back foot from the start. Giorgini Wijnaldum had replaced the injured Andy Robertson, which meant Milner went to left-back and Shaqiri moved to the left of the midfield three.

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