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Adirondack Nationals Car Show.

Visit Website. Check back soon for details on the Car Show! The Adirondack Nationals Car Show is being planned. We have included the schedule of events below for you to get an idea of what to expect. Make sure to check back for the updated schedule. Thursday - September 5th. Stickered cars can park overnight and stay there throughout the weekend!

The Illustrated Directory of Muscle Cars by Pepperbox Press

Kick-Off Party - pm - pm - You don't want to miss this spooky party! The Nationals kick-off party theme is Halloween. Dress up and get ready to dance. Friday - September 6th. Pre-registered vehicles will receive a sticker and be parked on the grounds by event staff. Women's Oasis Vendors - am - pm - Browse non-automotive vendors offering a variety of items. This is a perfect place to take a break from the cars! Tours begin every hour on the hour. There will be prizes! Must be present to win! Cruisin' on Canada Street - pm - pm - Get in your car and cruise Lake George Village or hang out on the sidewalks and enjoy the show!

Fireworks - pm - Look up in the sky following the cruise for the best fireworks show on Lake George! Both engines are believed to have been underrated and the big engine was offered with a C6 or a four-speed. These are rare cars. Mercury produced Cougar Eliminators in , with only getting the Boss , which all got four-speeds, 59 with the Q-code and Ram Air cars.

The Cougar Eliminator continued in with minor tweaks. Richard Petty raced one and then went back to Plymouth to drive a Superbird. NASCAR only required Ford to build units to make the Talladega eligible to race, but the company actually built and all were equipped with the CJ and a C6 automatic with a column shifter. Ford also took the rear bumper, modified with a V-shape and mounted it up front, altered the rocker panels for aerodynamic benefit, and staggered the rear shocks. Badging was limited to a couple of T emblems above the door handles and one on the fake gas cap in the center of the tail.

Three colors were offered and all got black hoods. Ford gave the Torino another overhaul in , and this time it was a mean looking mother. Still a fastback, the Torino finally had all the style and attitude to take on the Chevy Chevelles and Road Runners prowling L. The Torino Cobra was the hot one, powered by a new cubic-inch engine. Well, three actually. The standard engine was the 4V with two bolt mains, This engine got a Holley carburetor, four-bolt mains, forged pistons, and a radical solid-liter camshaft.

It was very underrated at hp. Can't wait to see what comes out of his shop next. Email your letters to info canadianhotrods. Now Serving Canada Prices F.

Muscle Car Service and Repairs Sunshine Coast

Lincoln, Nebraska. Not responsible for typographical errors. Brake installation alert The selection and installation of brake components should only be done by personnel experienced in ihe proper installation and operation of braking systems. The gears in my gearhead brain started to turn and I thought it would make a great surf wagon. So here is what I came up with. I started by stretching the doors, shrinking the rear windows, shaving the body and adding the custom woody trim.

I would two tone the body in a custom orange and silver combo. Under the hood would be a 6. Fd go with a Impala steering wheel. So lets grab some boards and go surfing. The interior would have a set of Impala bucket seats covered in tan leather and woven inserts.

"classic cars hot rods vintage" in Classic & Vintage Cars in South Africa

A custom wood headliner and console would finish it info canadianhotrods. Of course I was and the next day he brought two 9x12 en- velopes full of slides. Paul, the other was marked Drag Cars. Sorry sir but at least I finally got around to scan- ning the slides and there was some cool stuff. Paul, MN and others are from a show in Winnipeg. Contact us for a pum catalogue or download a copy online!

Of course, if you recog- nize any of these cars email info canadianhotrods. You see potential in rusted metal and greasy parts. You see treasure in junkyards and the only computer you need is your brain. Four wheel disc brakes bring it to a halt. The interior is cus- tom as is the 2. He also removed the B pillars to make it a hard top. Further custom touches in- clude hidden hinges, shaved door handles, rocker pan- els and Frenched licence plate.

The two-piece front and rear glass pieces were V-Butt together and the cowl vent was removed. Luxury accessories include power remote side-open- ing trunk, power windows, doors and hood. The Toyota Camry bucket seats are heated and a Vintage Air system keeps the cabin temperatures under control.

Check back soon for details on the 2020 Car Show!

The car also has power steering and power brakes. CHR Volume 10, Issue 2, www. Little did they know it would be in a car that already knew the way. Fittingly, they live in Os- hawa, ON, otherwise known as Motor City, headquar- ters to GM Canada and have owned street rods for years, including a Ford Tudor that was a loyal road trip companion for many years. In they decided they would one day travel to Cali- fornia in a hot rod and there was no doubt the pilgrimage would include travelling the iconic Route While the advent of newer interstate highways meant that by Route 66 was officially removed from the US Highway System, the romance of Main Street America continues to attract nostalgic road trippers.

What remains of this legendary artery has been desig- nated a National Scenic Byway now called Historic Route When they went to look at the car they dis- covered it had originally come from California and it seemed like fate was not just knocking on their door but busting it down with a 6-cylinder, 3-on-the-tree Chevy. Its entire life before those nine months had been spent in California. Seems it was destined to go back home, but not before a complete makeover. By the end of that day I had the motor and transmission out of it.

Out back a Chevy bolt rear end with 2. Purdy in- stalled sway bars both front and back. The wheels are US Mags 15x7 both front and back. I ended up having to have. Very expensive but in the end I was happy with how they fit and look. A life lived in California meant the car was pretty solid but it was still a year-old vehicle in and that meant there were some rust issues to take care of. For starters, though they might not have needed it, all the floor pans were cut out and replaced. The dog legs on both quarters were replaced and there was some work to do on the bottoms of both rocker panels.

It was Donna who chose the paint colour when, during a golf game in Florida, she noticed a light yellow Dodge compact drive by and thought it would be a good colour for the wagon. The painter thought otherwise. The painter suggested it might grow on him and after it had a few more coats of paint and three or four coats of clear it did start looking better. But then they talked to Peter Giampa at Tack Upholstery. He also swapped out the stock gauge bezel for a custom piece and hinged the radio delete plate and hid a stereo behind it.

The project was completed in December of and by September the Purdys and their Handyman wagon were ready for some California Dreaming. They also got lucky in the weather department, experiencing rain only once during the trip. Pretty good for a car that was in large part assem- bled and built by Bob and Donna in their 2-car garage. The paint, bodywork and upholstery was handled by pro- fessionals and the Mustang II front end was welded in by a professional but the rest of the assembly, installation and detailing was performed by the couple. Minor rust repairs to bottom of rock- ers.

Rest of the sheet metal is original. Rear door handles shaved and the body line straightened.

The Golden Age of Muscle Cars: 1964, 1965

All chrome, including bumpers and multi-piece grille, redone. Rear suspension is par- allel leaf spring suspension with Chassis Engineering spring kit with new spring shackles back and front.

Car has stock GM power steering. Rebuild in- cludes new bearings, rings, with stock pistons, rods and crank.

This Hemi-Powered Photo Book Puts You Behind the Wheel of History’s Greatest Muscle Cars

Heads are stock rebuilt pieces. Cam is a mild Competition Cams hy- draulic lifter piece. Intake is chromed aluminum Edelbrock Per- former with an Edelbrock Performer cfm carburetor. Stock 5-qt oil pan. Chrome Allstar Performance water pump with extra blade impeller. Stock exhaust manifolds. Enos Custom Components fuse box and wiring kit. Front bench seat is on a Chevy adjuster base. Stock door panels upholstered in medium tan leather with pocket inserts made and installed. Custom headlinder colour- matched to interior.

Stock dash with stock 2-gauge cluster altered to accept a custom bezel piece fitted with Dolphin white face gauges fuel, water temp, voltage, speedometer, oil pres- sure. Oh yeah — there are usually close to 2, hot rods, customs and muscle cars to ogle every year. Actually, this year there were 1, cars registered. Show partners include Canadian Tire, Mothers Polishes, Hagerty Clas- sic Car Insurance and Gary Steeves Insurance which combined with many other sponsors mean this show has the richest prize pool of any Canadian hot rod show. See www. Always the second weekend of July, the Atlantic Nationals officially begins mid-week but the big events take place on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday. On Friday the downtown Main Street show begins at 8 am and usu- ally the festivities are still going strong at 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday the show moves to Centennial Park and its water parks, duck pond and acres of grass and tree-covered parking areas. Ron and Annonica Arsenault won the pickup. For more coverage check out our Canadian Hot Rods Facebook page and click on the photos but- ton. Atlantic Nationals info canadianhotrods.

CHR Volume 10, Issue 2, 32 www. Chad Hiltz of Canning, NS usually debuts one of his cool, radical custom creations at the Nats and this year was no different. Make sure to trian- gulate it as that will give you the dimensional stability. In past articles we have shown the importance of setting up the chassis level and square to begin work, fitting up the fenders and box and then tak- ing the cab completely apart and removing all of the wood structure.

I also showed fitting the skin back to- gether and roughly hanging the doors followed by modify- ing and installing a set of hidden hinges as suicide hinges. You could certainly contact Terry at Canadian Hot Rods to order past issues if you want to catch up and follow along. As I have mentioned in the past, the A cabs, and many other cars of that era, had a wood structure and a sheet metal skin. This type of structure was loose and flexible to say the least.

In its current state with the wood re- moved this cab is little more than a sheet metal skin with hidden suicide door hinges fitted in. My big plan for the cab was to fill the roof and smooth it out a bit by remov- ing the cupboard hinges, flush fit the doors and get rid of the factory carriage bolts that went through the back of the cab to hold the skin tight.

I never had any plans to chop it because I really like the way it looks at its factory roof height and the cab is already very small so taking The first thing I did was decide where and how much I wanted to chop the cab. I decided on 2. I expand on why on page Once that was decided the easiest way to mark out an even amount was to use masking tape.

Consider any body lines or windows. On the back I went right through the middle of the rear window and on the front posts I went below the pins that the windshield sliders run on when the windshield opens.

The idea started to grow on me. On an impulse one morning I chopped the roof off and I have to admit it looks pretty cool. There is probably not a simpler vehicle to chop but don't let that fool you, you still must adhere to the basic rules of craftsmanship. It is crucial that you mark it out with precision and cut exactly as marked because these will later be your weld gaps.

Below, lift off the top and set it someplace safe where no one will accidentally use it as a trampoline. We then rehung the doors to make sure the body lines still lined up and just set the top back on for a good hard look and some measuring. All of the cross bracing was left in place and will remain until the chop is completed.

The biggest usability difference between a Model A car and a Model A truck is that in a car you can chop more out of the lid and move the seat back to still have comfortable seating. In a truck you have nowhere to go. The crazy chops look cool but render the car useless. The windshield post is not just a simple tube, there is some additional structure in- side of it. So, at right, this is the way that I cut open the post to expose the inner structure so all of the layers could be fully welded back to- gether to make sure that the strength of the post was not compromised.

Shown at left is the com- pleted windshield post. What I used to cap it was part of the piece that had been chopped out to lower the roof. You can see traces of the welds yellow arrow and I prefer this to filing and grinding it to what appears to be perfect when in fact you may have ground and filed it so thin that you could use the remaining metal for tin foil to wrap a sandwich. While fitting and welding it is extremely easy to end up with things not as straight as they should be.

As you can see I very tightly clamped chunks of square tube, yellow arrow, up against the edges to make sure that it all stayed very true. Because the cab is wider at the top I knew I would end up with a bulge of excess metal. To get rid of the excess metal I cut up toward the top yellow arrow until the horizontal seam would all lay flat. That in a nutshell is the basic chop however once it was completed all the cross bracing was removed and it went back to being a loose flexible cab that could be easily pushed out of square and for this reason the tops were not welded back on the doors yet.

The hidden hinges and cab structure must be completed before the doors can be finished off. As mentioned previously this chop was not part of the original plan but instead an afterthought. Remember to enjoy the process and the result. On the topic of metal, not only am I into the ferrous and non ferrous type of metal products I am also very into the musical version of metal as well.

Recently on a Saturday afternoon I ran into David Ellefson, bass player for and co-founder of Megadeth. Incredibly, he ac- cepted the offer. He took a picture of my old Plymouth Cuda and I got one with him. The book is a good read. Check out the shop website at ibuildm. Smoke signal your body and paint questions to mycarpublications shaw. Make sure to put Bodyman in the subject line.

Out with the new, in with the old. Exhaust bumper outlets are nifty custom additions. Side marker lights mimic the taillights I f a car could talk, what stories would it tell? Like a lot of muscle cars the story of this Dodge Coronet Super Bee probably started with a young owner who both likely cherished and abused it during the first few years of its life. Ma Mopar meant for the car to be thrashed on drag strips and ham- mered on during light-to-light combat. admin