The Posture Doctor: The art and science of healthy posture

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Does Posture Correction Matter?

The idea is to train yourself to reach an hourly goal of 30 minutes of good posture and a daily goal of 10, steps. The idea of wearing such a device every day in public seems unlikely, especially when its competitors have found less noticeable areas to pin their gizmos. They were mostly burdensome to set up, irritating after several hours, and not terribly exciting after Day One.

The only item I wore with gusto were the AlignMed products, specifically the bra, which felt the most supportive in realigning my back.

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The shirts were as Bill Schultz had intended: Simple. Paula Moore, a Toronto-based chiropractor and author of The Art and Science of Healthy Posture , says that posture is directly connected to a host of other health and appearance issues. To Schultz, posture is as important as nutrition. To that end there are sadly no quick fixes.

She very rarely suggests tech-based solutions to her clients. The underlying issue is that people need to learn good posture habits. Sitting up straight for 10 seconds is not enough to undo years worth of poor sitting, explains Dr. Bahar, a practicing chiropractor for 25 years, does not put much faith in the plethora of gadgets that nudge one into noticing posture deficiencies. So while you might be able to hold an upright position for a minute, you will eventually return to a sloping position—much in the same way as if someone told you to perform a ballet move you never learned.

One must first build the upper body strength to support a properly aligned back.

What Will Really Fix Our Bad Posture

But after further exposure, the novelty wears off and within several weeks, it ends up in a kitchen drawer, says Bahar. For correct long-haul posture, the most important aspect is consistency. He strongly recommends Pilates or using a roller to relax joints for just five minutes a day. By Rina Raphael 10 minute Read. These frightening statistics have inspired a new cottage industry the posture-fixers.

The Verdict.

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Design Co. He views exercise as a powerful tool to combat chronic disease and supports the Exercise is Medicine Campaign. Sam enjoys helping people make lifestyle changes to improve their health.

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He lives in Cumming with his wife and children. His hobbies include hiking, tennis, and cycling. It genuinely hurts her to see people in pain, and she loves the role she gets to play as a bodyworker in helping relieve that pain. She specializes in correcting imbalances through various techniques, but the foundation of her work is Neuromuscular Reprogramming. NMR allows her to regain function of inhibited muscles while releasing those that are overworked and causing said inhibition, thus improving functionality and integrity in the joints. Her goal with every client is giving you the best results possible with zero pain for the long term.

He soon realized the importance of proper rehabilitation and Corrective exercise to build functional strength and prevent future injuries.

What Will Really Fix Our Bad Posture

Mike quickly embraced the lifestyle and the health benefits exercising gave him, not just from a physical standpoint, but from a wellness standpoint as well. Shortly after, Mike became certified as a Personal Trainer and was on staff with LA Fitness for several years where a master trainer introduced him to a whole new approach of functional and core training. While attending school for his Masters in Exercise Science and rehabilitation, Mike had the opportunity to work for a Medical Exercise company in Duluth, Georgia, where he learned from the best in the business in the way of Medical and Corrective Exercise.

Several years later Mike decided to open his own mobile personal training business training clients in their homes, and his company, New Strength Dynamics was formed.

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Finally, with an increasingly busy client schedule, Mike decided to move to the next level and add a physical location in Johns Creek, Georgia, now called Medical Fitness and Wellness Group, and has been in operation since It is now a full-service wellness center encompassing a Full-time Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and a part-time Physical Therapist.

He holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. His certifications are from the most respected and recognized credentialing organizations in the world and he has over 10 years experience in the exercise and fitness industry. Mike lives with his wife Zohreh, family, and family dog and cat Gracie and Persia in Cumming Georgia. His current activities include fitness, kickboxing, mountain biking, golf, travel, and indulging in a fine glass of red wine in moderation of course :D.

Aside from training healthy individuals, Mark has worked with many special populations including those with systemic diseases, as well as orthopedic ailments.

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Additional Product Features Author s. Paula Moore is a self-confessed posture addict. She is the creator of a popular video blog on posture which has received over one million YouTube views. Paula lives by the sea in the beautiful South East where she is often seen whizzing by on her Kickbike, playing softball or eating a big piece of cake in one of Brighton's quirky cafes.

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  • The Posture Doctor: The art and science of healthy posture by Paula Moore (Pape….

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Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture

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