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4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the Workplace

Less than two months after launching his campaign to seek the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, Tom Steyer is providing pages of tax returns so the American public can have a clear picture of his charitable giving, political activities, and taxes paid. Tom has long committed to releasing his tax returns if he ever became a candidate for public office, and this disclosure makes good on that commitment.

This disclosure is unprecedented compared to many previous candidates with respect to their time in the private sector. Tom believes it is important to provide voters with an understanding of his role in the private sector, which he has since left behind to work for the public good. In , Tom and Kat took the Giving Pledge — committing to give the vast bulk of their wealth to charitable pursuits during their lifetime.

The effects reach not just into the financial interests of a company, but into the community and environment in which it does business, not to mention the lives of the decision makers themselves. Returning to the issue at hand, it becomes clear then that the true purpose of transparency is not simply to appease regulators, to increase profits, or to please shareholders.

A business that truly increases the well-being of all that its operation affects has little, if anything to hide. With the exception of, say, a legitimate trade secret, a business that delivers a product or service of real value to customers and greater society alike has minimal difficulty being truly transparent. To be sure, the purpose of transparency is to demonstrate that a company is truly the kind of business that it wants people to think it is.

But in reality, those who provide financial support are only one type of investor. Customers, employees, communities—they all hold a stake in the way that a company conducts itself. And in many ways, the risk these groups take cannot be measured in dollars and cents. In all fairness, though, the idea of exposing the internal operations, structures and even the culture of a company can be a scary thing. In an instant gratification economy such as ours, where brand perception can often trump the quality of the good or service being sold, it might be troubling to consider the potential fallout once customers become aware of the amount of time and money that is spent investing the in the perception of a product, rather than the product itself.


But that should be a call to action, not a reason to be more reclusive. It ought to be seen as an opportunity to reallocate resources in a way that creates increased value for customers and communities, which in turn will yield increased profitability and long-term sustainability for the company. And whether you are a solo operation, own a small business, or help run a large multinational corporation, a few guidelines apply universally in efforts to increase business transparency.

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This means talking about what you know and being who you really are—both as a company and as an individual. In other words, make sure that those who come in contact with your business are able to know the people who actually run it. Instead of the overused stock photos, professional actors, and paid referrals, give people a real glimpse of who you are and who actually provides the good or service. We count each individual request received from private parties and report the total number of requests received.

The number of private party requests that resulted in Apple providing data in response to valid legal process or subscriber consent.

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We count each instance where we provide data in response to a private party request and report the total number of such instances. The percentage of private party requests that resulted in Apple providing data. We calculate this based on the number of private party requests that resulted in Apple providing data, compared to the total number of private party requests Apple received.


App removal requests ask Apple to remove an app from the App Store. The number of app removal requests received worldwide from government agencies asking Apple to remove an app from the App Store. The number of app removal requests received worldwide from government agencies where Apple proceeded with removal of app s from the App Store.

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  • The number of apps removed from the App Store in response to app removal requests received worldwide from government agencies. Report PDFs.

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    About our Transparency Report. Choose your country or region. Report CSVs. Government and Law Enforcement Information. Transparency Report Apple is committed to your privacy and being transparent about government requests for customer data globally.

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    Date Range Date Range. Additionally, Apple regularly receives multi-device requests related to fraud investigations. Financial Identifier. H2 represents July 1 through December Requests Received The number of financial identifier-based requests received worldwide from government agencies seeking customer data related to specific financial identifiers, such as credit card or gift card number.

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    Requests where Data Provided The number of financial identifier-based requests received worldwide that resulted in Apple providing data, such as transaction details, in response to a valid legal request. Percentage of Requests where Data Provided The percentage of financial identifier-based requests received worldwide that resulted in Apple providing data.

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