The Second Coming of Christ

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The second coming of Christ to the earth is one of the most momentous events that will ever happen. The end times bring with them a lot of misery and pain. Darkness rules the earth completely. But then Jesus will return to the earth with the armies of heaven to save it from the grip of the beast and the Antichrist!

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After so much darkness the light will finally shine forth! At the end of the Great tribulation Tribulations or trials refer to any event or situation that comes your way that tempts you to sin; that gives opportunity for sinful thoughts and temptations to rise up in you. The tribulation or trial arises when your Zechariah They will begin slaughtering the Jews without mercy.

In his bitterness and anger the Antichrist intends their complete destruction. But then Jesus and the saints will descend from heaven to save them! And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem on the east. See also Revelation Then all of the wicked soldiers of the Antichrist will be consumed in a plague!

The Second Coming of Christ — Center for Action and Contemplation

They will dissolve completely away. You can imagine His righteous fury over the ones who have tried to hurt and destroy and corrupt His beloved creation right from the beginning.

The second coming of Christ

Both the beast and the Antichrist will be thrown into the lake of fire to burn for all eternity Revelation and Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit for a thousand years. Revelation Christ will set foot on the Mount of Olives, which will split in two to create a valley.

Living waters will begin to flow out from the Jerusalem. This signifies the start of the glorious new time of peace and plenty known as the Millennium!

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The second coming of Christ is clearly foretold in Scripture. It will be an incredible event. For the believers, for those who have trusted in Christ, it will be a glorious day. But for those who have not trusted in Christ and have rejected him, they will experience judgment and condemnation.

What is the second coming of Christ? So it is to be. At that time the wicked will be destroyed. He will judge His people.

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When Jesus comes again, He will judge the nations and will divide the righteous from the wicked see Matthew —46 ; see also chapter 46 in this book. He will usher in the Millennium. The Millennium is the thousand-year period when Jesus will reign on the earth. His coming will begin the millennial reign.

What is the second coming of Christ?

See chapter 45 in this book. Then we will see our friends come up, and perhaps some that we have been acquainted with here. He will complete the First Resurrection. Those who have obtained the privilege of coming forth in the resurrection of the just will rise from their graves. They will be caught up to meet the Savior as He comes down from heaven. After Jesus Christ rose from the dead, other righteous people who had died were also resurrected.

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  • The Second Coming of Christ.

They appeared in Jerusalem and also on the American continent. This was the beginning of the First Resurrection. Some people have been resurrected since then. After the resurrection of those who will inherit celestial glory, another group will be resurrected: those who will receive a terrestrial glory.

When all these people have been resurrected, the First Resurrection will be completed.