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I might add that most of the longer Elvis passages were tape recorded by my Dad, so those are his actual words. Do you have any idea what happened to all his personal possessions? There would be some fantastic memories there? I had seen that same photo of Elvis a hundred times but my Dad was cut out of the picture.

But now here he was. This is the store where Elvis bought a lot of his clothes and eventually traded the car for a bunch more. Your father is a little overcome at seeing his name on the screen such large letters. He noted that "Seeing my name on the screen meant that maybe some day I would be able to give my parents all the things they never had, just the way Elvis helped his parents".

Do you think your father was proud in what he achieved coming from such poverty and there is that similarity that they both came from nothing and both managed to help their families to a better life? I also took the liberty of adding a portion from a letter my Dad wrote in , the year before he left for Hollywood, where he muses about his future and his life as a peasant.

Natalie was also Ukrainian like my Dad, and these were young kids with big dreams who came from nothing and they were making it! Your star rises and life is changed, and it certainly was for Elvis and Natalie Wood.

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She reached an incredible pinnacle at a very early age, did beautiful work and was quite the randy one. In that book one of the officers in the ROTC unit - a Gerald Billion - who also attended Humes High, tells his story about meeting your father and then your father tells him his story about Elvis. Have you any idea how this happened? Has the excerpt been taken from an early newspaper article of your fathers? I am not aware of it but as I mention in my foreword, my father wrote an article called "I Defend Elvis" that was taken from the much longer manuscript.

You would be surprised that a lot of what my father wrote about Elvis during that trip became some of the first things people learned about the real Elvis. Many famous Elvis photos during that time have Nick cropped out of them, but he was there! There had been so many lies and misconceptions written about Elvis attacking his faith and character, mostly from jealousy, that Elvis cooperated with Nick very closely to give a truer vision of himself.

He noted that "Nick was wearing jeans and Natalie was barefoot, wearing black pedal-pushers with a leopard-skin designed vest". He said he liked your father because he and Natalie were such nice "normal people" and with no airs and graces. It seems certain that Elvis returned with the habit after his stint in the army. Now of course we know the dangers of it, but back then it was legal and something that few people frowned on.

Do you feel sad about this similarity and that no one recognised the danger. It seems that it led to both of their deaths way too young? AA: The more I learn about Elvis, the more I understand what a tragedy the end of his life was - not unlike my own father's - and that's why I'm so grateful that my introduction to Elvis was through my Dad's eight days in Memphis with him. This little time capsule is a highlight of Elvis' rocket to historical notoriety.

The last glimpse of innocence before the end of an era. Unfortunately, it ate him up. Iconic fame has a price tag, and sometimes it ends up on the end of your toe in a morgue. And this question certainly hits close to home and the territory I cover in the Daddy Box. Addiction and alcoholism are family diseases and they play themselves out in many ways. This is Hollywood folks, not Bozeman.

On a lighter note, most of all, I love the chapter 'The Gospel According to Elvis' because Elvis lays out a simple spiritual formula for success and never mentions religion or political agenda. Have the faith of a mustard seed and you can move a mountain. When I listened to Elvis sing that song it made tears stream down my face, and now whenever I need some comfort, I listen to it. EIN: So it that your favorite Elvis song? And what is it like for you to be immersed in this "Elvis World" and to meet all his fans at Elvis week?

I have learned so much about Elvis World and my father since I published this book only two months ago that my heart and mind are full with lore, genealogy, music, the rawest magic of any living performer to walk this earth, rumor, speculation, homespun god lovin' folk with the warmest hospitality, fans, connections, spirit visitations, where would you like me to start?

In many ways I am still soaking it all in, but I am thrilled to be part of it all. The best part of Elvis, of course, is his music, and no matter what I hear or see of him, I love him truly, madly, deeply. Finally, after all these years I get it. Looks like I saved the best for last. And good luck with the memoir - 'The Daddy Box' is sure to be an amazing tale.

Interview by Piers Beagley. Click here to comment on this interview. You can order the book directly from Allyson Adams at www. About EIN. EIN Rare Photos. He died tragically of a mysterious overdose at Go here for other relevant EIN reviews and articles. Did You Miss these Popular Interviews?

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Charmaine's Elvis Graphics. Sirius Elvis Satellite Radio. In a interview with American Medical News, Dr. Nichopoulos said he had prescribed only two of the drugs in the report. In Dr. Nichopoulos was indicted on 14 counts of overprescribing stimulants, depressants and painkillers for Presley, the singer Jerry Lee Lewis and several other patients. Two counts dealing with Presley accused Dr. Nichopoulos was acquitted of all charges, but in the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners permanently suspended his medical license, stating that he had been overprescribing to numerous patients for years.

In one of several appeals to the board, Dr. He maintained that he had tried, in vain, to cure Presley of his addictions, often administering placebos.

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Elvis was convinced he needed drugs. George Constantine Nichopoulos was born on Oct. After leaving the military he enrolled in the pre-med program at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn. He pursued graduate work in clinical physiology at the University of Tennessee Medical School and went on to earn a medical degree from Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nichopoulos belonged to a group practice with five other doctors in Memphis devoted to internal medicine when the call came to treat Presley, a professional detour that virtually ruined his life and destroyed his career.

In , before the indictment, the state board of medical examiners, while clearing him of charges of unethical conduct, barred him from practicing medicine for three months and put him on probation for three years, a prelude to the permanent suspension of his license 15 years later. Nichopoulos told The Daily Beast.

Unable to practice medicine, Dr.

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Nichopoulos worked for the disability claims department at a Federal Express office and briefly worked as a road manager for Jerry Lee Lewis.