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Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland. With this Kickstarter we are adding another way you can contribute to the project and have fun with Achievements. Below you'll find various kinds that require backers to perform certain acts, such as to take selfies and link to the pics, or to like our Onyx Path Facebook page. Achievements do not impact the stretch goals nor do they effect the success or delivery of this Kickstarter; they are offered as a bonus way to have fun participating and are entirely optional.

The selfies will not be shared by us outside of the context of the Deluxe C20 Kickstarter any you post as part of these Achievements are considered usable for promotional purposes by Onyx Path. We'll be counting the Achievements once a day, every day of this Kickstarter campaign. We will only be counting the links for selfies here on the Deluxe C20 KS general comments area not on any Updates comments as those get too scattered to keep track of.

When a certain number of Achievements are met, you'll unlock one of the three extra rewards here at the top:. For these following Achievements we will need you to post links to pics in the general comments section of this Kickstarter.

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These are cumulative totals so don't think you have to get all the pics yourself:. You might note the use of the white rose and dark rose on the above Achievements. These are counted as Seelie and Unseelie points respectively, and will come into play as noted below. The three Achievements below are not predetermined as Seelie or Unseelie and you will have to tell us with your post which side, if any, you want to be counted for. Whichever court has the most once the Achievement is hit will get credit for it. Below are the two Achievement tracks for Seelie and Unseelie that will also be counted towards the main Achievement Reward totals, so any Achievements attained really count twice towards earning those Rewards!

Achievements are designed as something extra to have fun with, so please do treat them that way. We want to see your selfies and your love of Changeling: the Dreaming! This is your time to shine! If we have contributions beyond our target number, we've planned many added rewards for contributors. Our range of possible Stretch Goal awards includes additional material in Changeling 20th itself, a possible Ultra Deluxe Edition, a fiction anthology, brand new Changeling: the Dreaming dice, and more. So, more text and page count and art for more Kiths!

These tracks will enhance and add nuances to the experience of playing a Changeling 20th chronicle. The Soundboard will provide easy access to the audio and the ability to organize and play tracks on-the-fly. Play them individually or layer them and play multiple tracks simultaneously for added effect. Also, how individual changelings relate to their Seelie and Unseelie Legacies, and how the switch between them happens in play. This is our eighteenth Kickstarter, and we have learned enough sometimes painfully to make some tweaks to our goals, reward tiers, and prizes.

One of those things is that we tend to get the same questions asked during each Kickstarter, but have a limit on the amount of text we can put on this KS page, so we're hosting a FAQ here:. Solution: We have successfully shipped ten Kickstarter projects and several more are headed to completion as you read this. All those books have taught us how the various pieces of the process works, sometimes painfully, and we have increased our ability to judge the various stages of delivery better with each KS. The book is almost finished in the first draft stage, and we are limiting the amount of new text from Stretch Goals and Rewards.

Risk: Shipping costs soak up pledges that were meant to enable the creation of the Deluxe Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. Solution: Kickstarter shipping costs have continued to rise dramatically this last year, but we are aware of that and were able to find ways to work with shippers to bring down those costs - unfortunately, only to some extent as we have also needed to up the shipping charges- both methods allowing us to be sure that shipping doesn't eat up the pledge money supposed to go to printing.

For the first time, because of Kickstarter adding the option to their tools, we are able to be more specific as to shipping costs based on your country. These costs will be added to your pledge automatically by KS if you are outside the US. As always, local or VAT style taxes will need to be paid by the backer when appropriate and are not included in these costs.

Solution: We've learned many, many lessons with our previous Kickstarters and we're becoming much better at estimating the various pitfalls that will delay a KS project. We were able to deliver the PDFs for our last several KS projects several months before the estimate, and our most recent Kickstarter started shipping the month before we estimated. That being said, backers need to be aware that they are enabling a process, and not a pre-order opportunity, and things do sometimes run slower than we want or anticipate with that process.

We've found that an open flow of communication between us and the backer community is vital so once the project funds we will deliver regular Updates on progress via Kickstarter as well as in our regular, weekly, Monday Meeting Notes blog at www. Click here. Advanced Search. Changeling: the Dreaming Introductory Kit. Average Rating 28 ratings. Bundles containing this product:. World of Darkness: Time of Judgment.

War in Concordia: The Shattered Dream. The Toybox. The Shining Host: Players Guide. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 2. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Tommaso C. It's only a preview but you can notice the White Wolf is creating a deeper but also lighter rule system, in particular for the Banality and Bedlam system. Adrian S. The Introductory Kit is very similar to the type of pull-out that appeared in Dragon magazine when a new game was being launched, although this provides a lot more in terms of rules.

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